Bluebonnet Silver Medal Winner

Brew Shop employee and Leesville resident, David Scott, Has been awarded the Silver Medal in the national Bluebonnet Brew Competition in the Spiced Herb and Vegetable Category for his "End of the world, Christmas Mishap" Porter.  For those of you who don't know what any of that means, it means Dave's Christmas Beer was FANTASTIC!

Being Judged along with 71 other entries in his category and 1380 entries nation-wide, David took 2nd place in the nation for his fermented winter warmer.  The Brew Shop is proud to have such a stellar brewer in our ranks and hope to see more awards rolling in for Dave and other members of his associated brew club "Les Brasseurs Bon Temps" or "The Good Time Brewers" 

For more information about how to become an award winning brewer yourself, or to just pass a good time brewing with other like-minded craft brewers, check out their Website and have a look at upcoming events, parties, meetings, etc. 

At the Brew Shop, we Brew Real Beer, and nothing proves it more than the picture above with a proud Club member sporting a Bluebonnet Medal. 

Lessaiz Les Bon Temps Roullez!!!

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The long awaited "Guru Kit" This kit comes with everything you need to start your brew as a guru.  You could get a regular kit, but these are hand selected products from our store by the guru himself, and that means you can expect more quality. 

The Guru Kit Includes:
  • 6 gallon fermenter
  • bottle brush
  • carboy brush
  • 6 gallon carboy
  • high quality thermometer
  • high quality hydrometer
  • high quality long spoon
  • Io-Star sanitizing agent
  • Racking Cane
  • Siphoning hose
  • Bottle Capper
  • rubber stopper for carboy
  • bubbler for carboy and fermenting bucket

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We have a new shipment of wine kits in the Sulphur store.   Come pick one up for summer wine making.

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We built some brew systems for you guys.  Check it out.   Come pick one up.  

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Charles Morgan Congratulations!!!

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When you BRB you sometimes need options, we have on hand varieties for all-grain brews to provide a selection that could make your brew award winning!

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We carry bulk caps and corks of many variety and types. 

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